Consumer Warning: Over 800 Supplement Brands Recalled by the FDA

In light of a recent recall of 800 supplement brands, Healthy By Nature is proud to reassure its customers that every brand and product here in our store is always carefully vetted for:

1). Third-party certifications

2). Quality ingredients

3). Responsible /Sustainable sourcing

4). Standardized potency

As your local health food store, we have made a promise from the start to never offer customers a product that we would not give to a loved one. We have been an unwavering gatekeeper in our industry to ensure that our customers have access to products held only at the highest quality standards.

Today, just about anyone with a check can slap a label onto a generic health product and begin selling it to unknowing consumers. The rise of “white label” products and the ease of listing items on Amazon has led to a sweeping influx of brands with little to no regard for standardization or the safety of its consumers.

Generic Turmeric Capsules

In some cases, supplement brands have come and gone only to reveal later that they were not even registered with the FDA. These are the nightmares that haunt the health food industry. They are also the concerns that we hope to eliminate for our customers. We are able to go to sleep peacefully at night knowing that every supplement here in our store has been third-party reviewed.

Why the sudden warning to our customers?

On December 26, 2019, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York ordered supplement manufacturers ABH Nature’s Products, Inc., ABH Pharma, Inc., and, Inc. (collectively known as ABH) and their owner, Mohammed Jahirul Islam, to stop distributing their products and to destroy any products still in their possession. The decision follows a complaint filed by the FDA that charged the companies of serious manufacturing violations including failure to verify that certain dietary supplements met product specifications for identity, purity, strength, and composition and failure to implement a production system that ensured the quality of supplements.

The FDA also found that some of the companies’ products were misbranded as “new drugs” because their labels indicated they could treat serious medical conditions. This generated a massive recall involving 800 companies that put their labels on these products.

Each day, we spend hours learning about the happenings in the industry, researching vendors and their processes, and improving the education that we provide to our customers. We have been dedicated to Loudoun County for over 23 years, and as we continue forward, we strive to become an even better resource for the community. Our store is here to help with all things related to health-foods, supplements, herbs, and oils. Come visit us here in downtown Leesburg if you are ever in need of assistance or are unsure of the supplements in your current regimen.